Support mesothelioma patients at home

Support mesothelioma patients

Support at home

You might need some care and support at home due to mesothelioma or its treatment. To Support mesothelioma patients at home, there are a lot of practical and emotional support is available.

GP and nursing to Support mesothelioma patients

If you need any support, please contact your GP for help with any medical problems that come up when you’re at home. Your GP can also make referrals to nursing services for you so that you can get the support you need. There are different types of nursing services you can have:

District nurses

District nurses give nursing care such as:

  • giving medicines or injections
  • checking temperature, blood pressure and breathing
  • cleaning and dressing wounds
  • monitoring or setting up drips
  • giving emotional support
  • teaching basic caring skills to family members where needed
  • getting special equipment, such as commodes or bed pans

Community specialist palliative care nurses

Community specialist palliative care nurses include Macmillan nurses and hospice nurses. They specialise in advice about pain control, sickness and other symptoms of cancer. They also give emotional support to you and your carers.

Marie Curie nurses to Support mesothelioma patients

You can also contact Marie Curie nurses, who can give nursing care to people with advanced cancer in their own homes. They can visit during the day or spend the night to give your carers a break.

Find the right treatment

It is now very important to announce that the treatment for mesothelioma is improving every year and this is giving more hope for patients because the survival rates of patients is increasing everyday. Nowadays patients can get a good connection with mesothelioma, the accredited  specialist   can give you the personalised treatment you need.

Free Consultation

Most mesothelioma experts can discuss about the available treatment options and can also help explain how a diagnosis will affect the patient outlook. if you need any help please get in touch with an expert today and learn how to improve the prognosis. and find the best care you deserve.

Support mesothelioma patients on clinical Trials

Clinical trials offer access to emerging treatments that can make a difference in a patient’s prognosis. We can help you find clinical trials that can extend your life expectancy.

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