What is Mesothelioma?

You want to understand What is Mesothelioma, then you are the right place , we provide all information in details about the illness. Mesothelioma is a cancer that most of the times  starts in the layers of tissue that cover each lung (the pleura) but sometimes (rarely) starts in the layer of tissue in the abdomen that surrounds the digestive system organs (the peritoneum). most people want to understand What is Mesothelioma, there are many websites out there that provides informations about mesothelioma and mesothelioma-information.co.uk is one of the best sources you can find providing you with all information you need from symptoms , types, stages etc…

Mesothelioma Symptoms

Find out about the mesothelioma symptoms of and when  you can go to see your doctor. Mesothelioma tumors begin as tiny nodules on the lining of the lungs or abdomen. The cancer doesn’t cause symptoms until the tumors have grown and spread, usually around cancer stage III and IV, and they begin to press against the chest wall or abdominal cavity.

Types of mesothelioma

It’s very important to know the types of mesothelioma, means the type of cell the cancer started in. This will help the doctor to decide which treatment is required. When people refer to the different types of mesothelioma, they are usually talking about the different places in the body where mesothelioma develops. But things can get a little confusing because there are different cell types of mesothelioma which may arise in each location too.

Mesothelioma stages

You need to know about the stages of mesothelioma and the available treatment options. your doctor can describe how mesothelioma grows and spreads with 4 stages. Patients diagnosed with stage 1 or stage 2 mesothelioma have the most treatment options. Patients with stage 3 or 4 can improve their quality of life with palliative treatments. Clinical trials are an option for patients at any stage.

Risks and causes

You need to find out what causes mesothelioma and understand who is more likely to get it.


Find out about survival for mesothelioma.

Getting diagnosed

Find out what to expect when you see a GP, when you might see a specialist, and which tests you might have.


The treatment you might have depends on the stage and type of your mesothelioma. See which treatments are used and how you have them.

Living with mesothelioma

A lot of practical and emotional support is available to you. Get advice on living with mesothelioma and find further resources and support.

Research and clinical

Read about the latest research into mesothelioma and find out about taking part in clinical trials.